Pool Supplies

We have a huge variety of pool supplies available at the present time. Particularly we carry pool filters, pool pumps, pool covers, pool heaters, pool cleaners and more. Consequently we have what you need to keep your pool is great working order.

We have over 5000 PRODUCTS in stock. These are the main categories. Start a chat with us to find your specific needs or submit your request here.


Cartridge filters are compact and economical and designed to filter out solids that are suspended in pool water.


Sitting beside the water is still a favorite spot to end the day. At sunset, turn your place instantly into a welcoming, magical, and idyllic oasis.

Ladders / Steps

It is easier to access your pool if you have the appropriate equipment. Easy and safe access will help increase the pleasure of your pool experience.


Your pool should be cleaned regularly. Not only is it a question of appearance and hygiene, but it also protects the value of your investment.

Pool Heaters

Heating your pool will allow you to extend summer and the use of your pool later in the seasson. It will enable you to maintain the temperature of the water at your body’s comfort zone.


Your pool is a body of water. If there is insufficient filtration, impurities will accumulate and bacteria will form. The pump plays a crucial role in recycling pool water.

Salt Generators

Simple and efficient, generators work on the principle of electrolysis, and will break down the salt present in the water into chlorine and sodium.


It is important to secure your pool to prevent drowning; We have various safety products to offer you.

UV Systems

With UV filtration, majority of micro-organisms are destroyed leaving the cleanest and purest water.The effectiveness allows to reduce the amount of chemical products used in your pool.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is an economic and ecological way to protect your pool in the winter months, and to preserve the temperature and prevent water evaporation during the summer season.


Backyard Brands, Inc. believes water care products shouldn’t be scary potions. You should be able to inhale/exhale while enjoying your pool or hot tub knowing that mother nature had a hand in making your water as healthy and natural as possible. That is possible with Dazzle Pure and Simple.

Maytronics Robot Cleaners

Maytronics Robot Cleaners

Designed for 21st-century pool owners, meet their smartest, most advanced robotic pool cleaners, here to deliver a whole new level of pool cleaning performance.

For more information and details visit them at https://www.maytronics.com/en-ca/

Helios Heat Pumps

Helios Heat Pumps

Helios specializes in designing and manufacturing a range of heat pumps that use renewable energy sources to provide heating and cooling, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Dazzle Water Care Shop

Dazzle Water Care Shop

Dazzle believes your outdoor living room should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company without the scary potions.